These units are utilized to produce thermal (heat) energy from gas source. The range is from 18-6000KW.


These are equipment that are capable of producing very high thermal energy which can be utlized efficiently for hot water and steam applications. Made of the highest quality of materials and processing standards, it can cater to domestic, industrial and commercial needs.

The following types are available:


  • Gas condensing boilers
  • Oil condensing boilers
  • Wall-hung gas boilers
  • Floor-standing boilers – gas & oil

Some of the salient features (based on model):


  • Steel boilers
  • Patented heat exchanger AISI 316 Ti
  • Pipe-in-pipe coil exchangers
  • Self-cleaning mode in exchanger
  • Modulating pumps
  • Remote control facility available
  • Flue-gas outlet reversible
  • Modular installations
  • Cascade systems (with auto functions)




  • Condensing Wall Hung Boilers
  • Conventional Wall Hung Boilers